Chula Vista Hydro Jetting Done By Professionals

A Chula Vista hydro jetting or Chula Vista sewer repair may be the solution to your slow draining problems. Oops. Someone uses the bathroom and they have to wade through 2 inches of water to get out. While this is an annoyance, you might not think too much of it, especially if this has been a reoccurring problem in your home. You should be concerned though, as slow moving drains or other similar problems can be an indication of other more serious issues. And that’s when our professional Chula Vista hydro jetting and Chula Vista trenchless relining services could actually work.

Hydro Jetting In Chula Vista Is An Efficient Solution

Slow drains can be a result of many things including slow draining sewer pipes. In these situations you may be unsure about the correct actions to take to solve these problems. One wrong step would be to attempt to use a drain cleaning chemical, as these can actually lead to more problems or damaged, corroded pipes. A more efficient solution could be a hydro jetting in Chula Vista process. No, you should first call in a plumber and have him inspect the problem. A simple hydro jetting process could solve the issue. And then, goodbye, slow draining pipes. What is Hydro Jetting. This is a process also known as Hydro Scrubbing. At any rate, our Chula Vista hydro-jetting and Encinitas drain cleaning process is where a professional scours your sewer pipes by using streams of high pressured water. Our Chula Vista hydro-jetting technician shoots this water out of a hose and into the pipes at 3,500 psi.

Chula Vista hydro jetting

What Is Chula Vista Hydro-Jetting?

This type of hydro-jetting in Chula Vista offers such high pressure that it clears out all the debris in your pipes. The hose is inserted through a hole called a cleanout. This type of opening is available in every home plumbing system and allows plumbing professionals to clean out clogs in pipes. A Chula Vista hydro-jetting machine is a device with a large tank of water, a high-pressure hose and a special nozzle. The machine pressurizes the water and then sprays it out the nozzle at a rate of 3,500 psi and a flow rate of 18 gpm.

Our Hydro-Jetting Hose In Chula Vista Blows Water Through Your Pipes

A hydro-jetting in Chula Vista process blows the water through the pipes downstream using gravity. The nozzle is placed on the downstream end so the waste water flows out helped by the natural gravity of the system. Hydro-jetting in Chula Vista and Encinitas hydro-jetting is an appropriate solution when clogs are continual and can’t be removed with a snaking process. This is also the best method when tree roots have found their way into the sewer lines. So call our Chula Vista hydro jetting team today.