Garbage disposals are amazing kitchen appliances that can make disposing of food waste a much easier and far less messy process. However, there are a number of things that should never, ever find their way into your disposal. Putting anything on this list in your disposal can lead to a broken garbage dispsoal, clogged drains, and even cause leaks and floods! So, without further ado, the list of things that you should avoid putting in your garbage disposal includes:

  • Eggshells Eggshells can both cause damage to the blades of your disposal as well as cause a serious clog.
  • Coffee Grounds Coffee grounds can damage the blades of your dispsosal. They can also cause clogs and find their way into the inner workings of the unit.
  • Bones Bones are tough and hard. They can seriously damage garbage disposal blades.
  • Grease of Fat Grease, fat, and oil can cause serious clogs in garbage disposal systems.
  • Celery and other Raw and Tough Vegetables Vegetables like celery and carrots are tough vegetables that can cause serious damage to your garbage disposal blades.
  • Potato Peels Potato peels will cause a clog in garbage disposals. They may seem like soft and garbage-disposal ready food waste, but they can really clog up a disposal.
  • Fruit Seeds and/or Pits Fruit seeds and pits are too hard and tough to be put down the disposal as they can damage the blades.
  • Pasta This is probably the weirdest food item on this list. Pasta (and rice) absorb water and swell in size. That swelling can cause severe clogs in garbage disposals.

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